Way back in September last year, I had the pleasure of shooting with Brad Stephens. We created some shots for his book ‘Mans World’, which is all about styling the classic men’s white shirt. The book is still in progress, but with the last shots being done. Brad wanted to do some more shots with me for the book, and I LOVE how they’ve come out, these are my favourite. So of course I wanted to share some of them with you, and I’m so happy that a photo from this collection will now be the one featured in the book.

White Shirt



When doing this shoot, it was the first time I had been away from my baby daughter Isla for a whole morning, and being further away than just at the shop round the corner. I was so nervous leaving, even though she was just going to be at home with her daddy, so I knew she would be absolutely fine. It was more that I felt a little lost without her, a bit lonely in a way! I’m so used to spending 24/7 with her, and before she was here I carried her for 9 months. So going out without her is very strange. But once I was at the studio, sitting and having my hair and make up done, I have to admit it was nice to feel like I was having a bit of a pamper. (Hair and make up by Ellia). Made a change to being covered in baby sick haha. As a mum, it’s definitely good to have some time to yourself, but I definitely can’t be away from Isla for too long. I miss her too much, even if it’s just a few hours!


Along with the digital shots, Brad shoots on polaroid. Here are a couple of polaroid images, I love the authentic look they give. The outfit of course features a men’s white shirt, paired with slouchy women’s trousers. Together they create a laid-back look, which is somewhat masculine but without looking too heavy. With the simple unbuttoned white shirt, this gives a feminine feel.