Evening all, I don’t know about you but I’m so confused as to what day it is. I had a couple of days off work at the start of the week, and so yesterday felt like a Monday..I’m not complaining though, one more day & it’s the weekend again. Hasn’t this year gone so quickly? I can’t believe Fashion Week is literally around the corner.

So, in my last post I showed you some items I have recently treated myself to (as I seem to do every week). And I also said that I would do some style posts so here we go, here are the trousers which I adore from H&M…





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I wore this outfit to work yesterday and no word of a lie, these trousers are so comfortable. I love the pattern on them too, even though they are heavily detailed they aren’t offensive to your eyes! And to top it off, they were such a bargain. When I picked them up they didn’t have a price tag attached, but I didn’t care, I had to buy them regardless..it didn’t matter anyway because they were only £19.99. I’m sure I felt my bank card smile in my pocket.

Happy Thursday!