So a little while back I posted about Topshopping (Topshop Shopping) and what was in my basket, now that it has arrived I felt the need to post about the skirt I bought. It’s an all white A-line skirt, with a subtle floral overlay which just looks so pretty. Today I decided to pair it with a black chiffon top, black shoes and a bag that keeps in line with the monochrome look.


Skirt: Topshop
Shirt & Bag: New Look
Shoes: Zara

You may not have gathered just yet, but I love a tucked in top & I think it works perfectly with this skirt as it doesn’t take away from the detailing. I think shirts work great with this & you could get away with most kinds, even a long sleeved & baggy shirt as it would give the look a more causal feel; making it wearable during the day even if you were just going to the shops (obviously shopping is the first thing that came to mind, I’ve being doing a lot of it lately).

I also wore this skirt last weekend, on a girls night out in Camden (London) & styled it very similar to these photo’s. I wore a black cami top (tucked in, as per) & high black wedges to give me the extra height (“Go Shorty…”). But as the skirt is white and softly detailed, you can pretty much wear it with any colour and it can be styled in a lot of ways.




Anyway, have a good weekend all…and if you are wearing white on a night out anytime soon, mind where you sit 😉