Summer is edging that little bit closer each day & that means so is my holiday. I have just over 8 weeks to go, and then I will be in beautiful Turkey sunning myself! I literally can’t wait to be by the pool, taking it all in & just chilling the hell out…so it got me thinking about shopping, holiday shopping (my favourite things combined!)

While I’m meant to be going shopping next weekend, I couldn’t help but start preparing myself with some online window shopping (I need to wait until payday Friday before my bank account gets abused). So here are my summer essentials that will hopefully be gracing my wardrobe (and suitcase) in the near future:

First off, this Keepsake playsuit from pictured above & below. I can’t get enough of the delicate straps, and the contrast of the blue against the white.


Then we have these MANGO pleated crepe trousers, add a crop top & some heels…you’ve got yourself an effortlessly, chic tailored look.




One of my favourite things to buy are bikini’s, and I’ve spent hours looking online at them…adding so many to my basket, and then having to go through an elimination process as I get way too carried away! But this Sunseeker wrap bikini, which you can get from ASOS is 100% staying in that basket:

Sunseeker Wrap Bikini Exclusive to ASOS

There’s bound to be a day in the summer or on your holiday, where you want to venture out but it’s so hot that you can’t face wearing clothes (lets face it, you may just get arrested if you don’t). So it’s all about the flowing/loose fitted dresses in your time of need, and this one from Zara is perfect. I love the chunky straps, making a change from a lot of the delicate pieces around at the moment.


Last of all on my list, but not least, are these Dune ‘Jaiden’ crossover sandals. Yes, I know some people think they are ugly or look like something Jesus supposedly wore (Happy Easter to those who celebrate by the way)…but I LOVE them, and I can’t decide if I will get them in black or white, or both? 😉

Jaiden Leather Dune Sandals

Happy Sunday guys x