Yes yes yes, I’ve done it again…I’ve been shopping! But this month I got a bonus from work, so what else was I going to do with it? 😉

So I went shopping by myself, and for me this is the most dangerous kind. It means that I can get lost in shops for far too long & spend far too much money. This time it was Zara that sucked me in (as it often does), and I tried to tell myself “remember that other shops do exist”..but no, that didn’t help. I still spent a good 45 minutes of endless rummaging amongst the t-shirts laid out on displays, browsing through the skirts & dresses hanging on the rails and ogling at the shoes by my feet…which naturally my feet seemed to fall into and before I knew it I was carrying around more shoes than I have toes!




blogmondayfour 45 minutes is quite a while to spend in one shop, but I found myself going round and round, trying on batches of clothes and then walking around for more, then repeating! The only reason I left the store was because I had a parking limit on my car, otherwise there is a good chance I would still be there now…prancing around in my own little shopping world.

But finally, the last little treat to myself (because clearly I hadn’t yet bought enough…) was this pretty lipstick from Chanel:


The lipstick and lace sleeved top on

The lipstick and lace sleeved top on

Anyway, later that night I ended up watching ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and I have no idea why, but I can really relate to this film?

Haha, have a good week everyone! x