I’m currently halfway through my second week of maternity leave, and I’m now 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant! Our little girl could decide to come at any point now, but we are definitely prepared and the nursery is ready. So I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you our baby’s first little room, whilst I try and get my blogging mojo back! (It’s about bloomin’ time!).

‘Nursery Love’…


The main furniture in this room is from Ikea. We have definitely been quite frugal when preparing for baby’s arrival, but without having to settle for a look or style we don’t actually like. You can definitely create a room/home just the way you envisage without spending a fortune.

The beautiful flower cot mobile was made by my ever-so talented Mum! It adds just the perfect touch of colour and is just beyond pretty. Like my fashion style, I love to keep things subtle and simple, and that shows when you come into our home. I love to add colour but light touches of it so it’s not overpowering.


When it comes to the changing table, you can end up spending a fortune by purely buying one that is branded ‘changing table’. We decided to go for this chest of drawers, because not only can it be used as a changing table (obviously we will get the changing mat etc out and never take our eyes off of baby!), we saved hundreds of pounds and the chest of drawers can be used in the future in any room, making it even better value for money!

The chest of drawers is great for storage, but we also wanted a bit more and something we could use to showcase some bits. We also got these shelves from Ikea, and I love having some of her lovely little clothes folded up on display…they are too cute to hide away! To break it up we have put in the baskets on a couple of the shelves, which are perfect for storing all the baby creams and lotions. On the shelves which don’t have the baskets, my boyfriend had the genius idea of putting in LED touch lights. So in the evening/night we can go into the room and touch the lights to turn on, that way we can find any bits we need without having to switch on the main light. They also look SO good with the way they illuminate the clothes…the little things get me so excited haha. We’ve also got one of them on the cot, so when baby girl is sleeping in the cot, we can check in without disturbing her.


To make use of our wide window ledges, we have a couple of baskets to store the blankets and toys. And then to dress up a window even more, we have beautiful bunting with our little girls name on. To tie in with the colours of the nursery, the bunting is peach and pale grey, and was made by my also extremely talented Sister! She has an Etsy site (click here) and you can follow her on Instagram (@justaddinspiration), where you’ll find lots of lovely bunting, cat/dog bandanas and even handmade coasters, along with other beautiful handmade pieces!


I bet you guessed it, the flower ‘I’ is either made by my Mum or Sister…haha. Of course! It was made by my Mum, and is just another detail that adds a lovely girly touch with beautiful colours. It’s perfect above the gorgeous gold framed mirror, which was one of the many wonderful baby shower gifts from amazing family and friends. It’s little touches of details like these that really make a room what it is.

All that is left to do now is wait, wait for the arrival of our precious little girl. Fingers crossed she doesn’t keep us waiting too long! X