Happy Bank Holiday (to those in the UK), what have you all been up to? Luckily for me, this bank holiday fell nicely in line with payday..which meant one thing, SHOPPING! The weather has been really lovely today and it always makes me want to go on a splurge. Actually, that might be a lie…I always want to buy new things, but atleast blaming it on the weather makes me feel better!

Anyway, I thought I would do a quick post to show you the pieces I bought today.


Embellished crop top


Close up detail of the crop top




Patterned Trousers



My favourite are the patterned trousers, I’m building up a collection now!

I may have also done some online shopping but I will save the bits I’ve ordered for another time, sssshhh. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend & I will do some style posts soon! x