It’s January, Christmas is over, the weather is cold. If you’re like me then you’ll be dreaming of sun, sea and sand. Desperate for a relaxing holiday, and so this would be the perfect time to book your getaway and to start the countdown. So to get you in the mood for holiday planning, I wanted to share with you some of my holiday essentials.

This American Tourister Bon Air suitcase in Coral is a great place to start. The colour alone is enough to get you in the holiday spirit, every time you look at it. But this suitcase is also so practical, the size is more than big enough to accommodate all those outfits you’ll need, even the extra options…because you can never have too many options! It’s lightweight so you won’t be struggling as you make your way through the airport, and lets face it, you won’t miss it when it’s making its way around the luggage conveyor belt.

My packing essentials include the following:

  • A few of my favourite bikinis – the more the better I always think, you can’t have too many. I particularly love my ‘Poppy’ bikini from Triangl and this printed Gossard bikini.
  • Floaty and loose fitting dresses – these style dresses are life savers when it’s hot, but you can still keep in style and not look frumpy. I love my Rodeo Dress by For Love & Lemons, it is an off white colour (great for when you have a sun kissed tan) with subtle detailing and thin straps (minimal tan lines). This kind of dress can be worn during the day if you are off out exploring or dressed up for dinner.
  • Playsuits – again, these are definitely essentials, perfect for day or night. My crochet playsuit from Zara is always my go-to.
  • Shorts – you always need to have some shorts with you, ones that are easy to pop on over your bikini when leaving the pool or beach, and ones that you can wear to dinner. My favourite are my cream textured shorts from H&M, they just have that Chanel vibe about them.
  • Easy to wear t-shirts – you can never pack too many t-shirts, especially ones that are easy to throw on and that won’t be sticking to you. ASOS have some great casual tee’s, which again won’t make you look scruffy, just casual cool.
  • Sandals and heels – you can’t forget your favourite sandals, the ones you can wear all day long and not even notice you have anything on your feet! The Dune Sliders are always a winner, ridiculously comfortable. And then you have your heels, because you can’t go out for lovely dinners without putting on some killer heels.
  • Sunnies, perfume, hair serum and a statement necklace – Sunglasses are an absolute must, not only to look stylish but if you’re like me, it always seems SO bright when you’re on holiday. You don’t want to be walking around squinting all day long. Perfume because you always want to smell good, obviously! Hair serum, you have to protect your locks from the sun, heat and chlorine from the pool. And a statement necklace to add to those night time outfits, like this one from Ted Baker.

Of course you would also pack make-up and more outfit changes, but these are definitely some of my absolute essentials that I can’t be without. Now, where to go for a break?