The weather has been so hot here in the UK the last couple of weeks (a welcomed change, for once!), we have finally had a glimpse of summer. Our summers may not last 3 or 4 months like they are suppose to but us Brits definitely make the most of it. So for us girls, I’m sure we can all agree, that there’s no better time to get out the legs in pretty outfits.

And one of my favourites is this lovely playsuit from Zara. It has subtle detailing with a slightly slouched fit, but has a pulled in waistband to give you the needed shape.

I have added colour to the outfit with a mixed necklace & my new beautiful H&M bag. I like to keep it quite simple, because I think the playsuit speaks for itself with its patterned detail.


H&M Bag & Pandora Ring





I should probably also tell you that on Saturday I nearly lost this playsuit! I had ordered some clothes from another online store, and annoyingly they were too big so I needed to send them back. So Saturday morning I filled in the returns form, sealed the bag and sent them off at the post office. I then wandered around the shops (when I found my new bag, but that’s a previous story) and suddenly it dawned on me. I was sure I had put the Zara playsuit in the bag. So I ended up video calling my sisters fiancé while he looked through my wardrobe trying to find it (and obviously being such a guy about it, having no idea what he was looking for), then I had to run back to the post office and ask for my parcel back, having to explain why…whilst getting disapproving looks for being so stupid. Luckily, the playsuit was recovered and I quickly left the post office before I made more of a fool of myself!

The moral of the story is always check your bag first! Oh, and enjoy summer & its style while you can! x