Hey, do you remember when I went on holiday last June and Thomson Airways lost both mine and my friends suitcases? What a nightmare that was and how unhelpful Thomson were! But you’ll never guess what, after 9 months of my suitcase being missing, they only went and blooming found mine! Literally couldn’t believe it, my dreams came true finally getting it back. Which leads me onto this outfit post, the top and trousers were inside my suitcase, the trousers still had the tag on as they were literally brand new at the time. I was so looking forward to piecing this outfit together last summer, and I don’t care that it’s so late now, I still love it and will be wearing it as much as possible this summer. I’ve got to make up for lost time right?


Look at my happy face!










The trousers are from Zara and honestly, they make you feel like a Grecian goddess gliding along! The shoes are also from Zara, and you’ve probably seen them on my blog a million times before, because they are literally my favourite shoes! The crop top is from Topshop and the whole structure of it is just to die for. Thrown in are my favourite Mango sunnies (also were in my suitcase, thought to be lost for eternity), you can’t beat some tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses! And finally, last but by NO means least, the oh-so beautiful Lola Rose necklaces and bracelet. I doubled up on the necklaces because I think they work great together, especially with them being different lengths, meaning they both get equal amounts of spotlight! Absolute dreams.

Top – Topshop

Trousers – Zara

Shoes – Zara

Bracelet, Necklaces (Obelisk and Neo Open) – Lola Rose

Sunnies – MANGO