When it comes to blogging one of the most important things I’ve learnt is to be organised. When I first started I didn’t think about how much there can be to do, but now I can’t be too far away from my lists. Now I’m the lucky owner of this beautifully personalised notebook from Chroma Stationery, making my blogging life much easier!

I love the idea behind Chroma Stationery, not just because you can have personalised text on the notebooks but because you can choose from so many different colours, each have a wonderful little story behind them. There is so much love and passion behind this idea, and you can find the perfect colour for your personality.

“Chroma Stationery is all about colour. Colour triggers emotions – it can remind you of people, places and moments in life. The colours that people surround themselves with are very personal and reflect personality, mood and individuality. The Chroma range is currently available in 20 different colours, each has its own name and personality. Every colour in the range is named after an important person or figure in our lives, that the colour reminds us of.”

When I was lucky enough to choose my very own Chroma Notebook, I chose ‘Joanna’. When I was reading through each of the names/reasons behind each, I instantly knew ‘Joanna’ was the right one because of this one sentence about the person…“Sometimes I think she likes animals more than she likes people”. That right there is me.

Once the notebook arrived, it was beautifully gift wrapped and the embossing looks so good. And now I have a dedicated notebook, to keep me in line and organised!

Make sure you go check out Chroma Stationery, which colour are you?