TGIS (Thank god it’s Saturday) is all I can say! This week has been pretty manic for me at work, so I’m glad it’s the weekend..and to make it better I have Monday booked off, so I shall be making sure my alarm is well and truly switched off too.

The weather hasn’t been too great this week, it seems to be getting darker and colder as the days go on..which I guess it means winter is trying to crawl its way back to us. Oddly enough, I say oddly because I’m not a fan of winter, but I’ve been looking forward to it lately…Though I know as soon as it really gets cold, I will be wishing for summer again. Anyway, all I know is today was a checked shirt & boots kind of day…


Boots – Topshop

One last photo I thought I would add, as I don’t think there have been any photo’s where I’m properly smiling. So just so you don’t think I’m a moaning Myrtle (yes, I’m watching Harry Potter as I write this), here is me laughing at my sister & looking a little Giraffe like with that neck!

Have a great weekend all!